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Design is a gateway to innovation. When it comes to developing a new platform, Service Design and User Experience Design are in the lead. Dept combines years of design experience with the best digital creatives in the field. We are here for scoping, technical architecture, design, UX and development.


User Experience Design is about optimising design so customers have a positive interaction with your product, making them eager for frequent use. Guiding users towards completing their tasks as easily as possible is the best way for them to experience optimal engagement.




How do we know what users find particularly handy, easy on the eye or user friendly? It’s all about testing. It could be a fresh concept, trying out a new navigation structure or testing an app – user testing is vital for realising a website or application that really makes the end user smile.




We work with over thirty designers who strive to create the most attractive and efficient brand experiences. They can optimise your brand and platform designs for the best interaction with your target group. We focus on discovering all about user behaviour to create a unique user experience.

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