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At JOCOM we are guided by the customers’ needs and preferences.
This made us the preferred business partner for retail banks and the banking industry in the region for the past 40 years.
We listen to our customers and have a deep understanding of their current and future needs, thus enabling us to provide the right tools that entitle them to outstand their competitors in the field.
The range of products and services we offer to banks are unique and built on their own requirements, they help modernize the services banks provide their clients with as well as create superior customer experience.
The Banking products range from ATMs & ATSs to monitoring & anti-fraud systems.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for a free consultation on the products you may find useful to your entity.
Jo’com offers development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software intended to meet customers’ unique demands.
Our skilled specialists know the game of business and deliver successful solutions that accord with all the specified requirements while invariably staying within time and budget limits.
Along with full-cycle custom software development, we provide software maintenance and platform- based customization.

Jocom Ticketing System

– Jocom ticketing solution

– Codeless customizations

– Map location service

– Some features and functionalities of our Jocom ticketing system.

– Other benefits of using ticketing system

Jocom ticketing solution

Our system was created based on the market needs, to decrease the efforts, cost, errors and fault chance of occurring.
Ticketing system help you find issues, analyze them deeper, and identify the root causes of problems that affect your business productivity. More often than not, companies do this the old-fashioned way, where the ticketing system resides on a local server, but this has a lot of shortcomings.
Jocom ticketing system helps your company overcome the lack of the traditional ticketing solution in many ways. At first, we allow for more flexibility in addressing issues. Your agents can work on tickets from anywhere, anytime, removing the need to sit for long hours in front of the same computer.


Employees can log in from multiple devices and access the helpdesk, and still see the same dashboard. This also makes the management easier when the company is spread across different places.
Ticketing system is based on serving our customer’s tickets and inquiries, the customer will be able to access the website to report the issue or error he faced in a product. These errors or issues will be handled by our professional trained engineers.
The customers can track and monitor their tickets status continuously during its life cycle. Customers can review their currently opened tickets, alongside there in progress and closed tickets.
Jocom ticketing will provide you with a codeless customization over the privileges and permissions of your users to control their authorized and unauthorized resources.

Codeless customizations

Codeless customization is a feature developed to provide the user the control over some services in the intention of improving flexibility and usability of our ticketing system, these codeless customized services saves the users the time, cost, and effort from requesting these desired or required changes when its time.
The changes that are needed and required by the customer are predefined and planned throughout our business planning process, but to take all of these required and needed changes the developers will need a clear and specified requirements.

The main codeless customized feature in our ticketing solution are:
1. Codeless customized permissions, and privileges over the system platforms for each user to improve the control over your user’s accessibilities.
2. Codeless customized user’s roles and authorizations, where you can add new roles and declare what resources of the system they’re allowed to view and use.
3. Dynamic changeable email settings depending on the needs and requirements of the business, such as.
4. A user friendly changeable mobile theme settings, the mobile user have the control over his personal account’s view colors, and font settings, these feature is developed in the intentions of providing the mobile user the control over his account interface view.

A map system is developed to display the needed locations to provide a better experience, the system will get your device current location, preview the location of your employees with the distance and arriving time to the targeted locations for each one of them, preview the number of tickets assigned to each one of these employee in his info card, and also will be able to see the sub-products locations on the map alongside their information.
A side menu will contain a filtration on the employees depending on their departments, and choosing the department will reflect directly on the map to preview the selected department employees only. The side menu will also have customer’s names, choosing one of them will display their products and sub-products, and choosing the sub-product will display the location on the map.

Some Features And Functionalities Of Our Jocom Ticketing System

  • Implement a real time dashboards to keep up with your work progression and direction.
  • Report and monitor the system to keep up with the tickets status.
  • Assign tickets manually and automatically according to the location of your service engineers and your customer location.
  •  Editable products file to improve flexibility and efficiency and to prevent error occurring.
  • Document your engineer’s movements and serving history using service records.
  • Create an editable contracts for the customer that’s included with their products.
  •  Improve the response time flexibility by implementing a dynamic response behavior templates
    for serving our customers.
  •  Implement an auditing system to keep up with our customer, to declare whether their issues
    were solved properly or not.
  • A marking system to evaluate the assigned engineer service, and to keep on touch with the
    customer’s tickets and how satisfied they were by our service.
  •  Implement an import file feature, that’s to make it easier and faster to migrate the old data

Other Benefits Of Using Ticketing System

Provides better customer experience

Consistency and transparency of agent assisted support along with self-service information, FAQs and basic troubleshooting steps improve requestors’ perceptions of the

Everything is in one place

No more sorting through spreadsheets and email inboxes to figure out what issues are outstanding and where they are in the resolution process.

Drives staff accountability and training

No more sorting through spreadsheets and email inboxes to figure out what issues are outstanding and where they are in the resolution process

Enables prioritization of work

IT ticketing software enables requests to be prioritized instead of being handled in the order they are received. This ensures that the most important issues to the business receive the most attention.

Built in tracking and reporting metrics support decision making

No more sorting through spreadsheets and email inboxes to figure out what issues are outstanding and where they are in the resolution process.

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