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JOCOM License Activation

How to get a Computer Key in offline mode


If you want to activate your license key offline, you need to get a Computer Key.

There are several ways to get a Computer Key:

  1. If you are using the JOCOM License Wizard for license activation and you have a mobile device that is online, click the Scan QR code link in the Activate Offline wizard page and follow the instructions on that page.
  1. Use the JOCOM Self Help page and click Activate a license
    1. If you are a JOCOM customer, use the JOCOM Self Help to activate your JOCOM License offline.
  2. Contact JOCOM support team to request a Computer Key.

Resellers License Portal

The Resellers License Portal provides access to the most common operations an administrator or a reseller is likely to need when managing customers’ license keys.

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